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Enclosed UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser Type: UV lasr



Marking area: ≤300mm*300mmn

Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s

Mini. Marking line width ≤0.05mm

Mini. character size ≤0.15mm


Products Description

enclosed uv laser system

OT-UV enclosed UV laser marking machine with excellent beam quality, high marking accuracy and fast speed,its marking efficiency is 3 times that of traditional machines,maintenance-free, automatic visual positioning marking.It uses high-resolution CCD industrial cameras to take the dynamic image of the work-piece in real time ,and and automatically move the offset coordinate to the correct position through control system,ensuring high accuracy and fine marking.


Enclosed ultraviolet laser marking machine Structure


enclosed uv laser system

OT-UV enclosed ultraviolet laser marking machine is composed of good quality beam UV laser source, high speed scanning galvanometer, field lens, lifting cover, control card, power supply, workbench and other components. The entire marking process of the fully enclosed is to prevent external dust particles from damaging the transmitting optical module, ensuring more higher precision and prolonging the service life.




  • En-closed integrated design to prevent dust and protect body safety;
  • Excellent laser beam quality,smaller focused spot, and ultra-fine marking;
  • Very small heat-affected area, no heating effect, no material burn issue;
  • Fast high speed marking and high efficiency;
  • High photoelectric conversion efficiency, high reliability, maintenance - free.
  • Compact size and low power consumption;
  • 355nm UV laser is suitable for more wider range of application;


OT-UV enclosed UV laser marking machine adopts unique high-stability UV laser, which is very suitable for ultra-fine marking industry. It can mark or engrave non-metallic materials such as metal, plastic, glass, etc. It is widely used in semiconductor, electronic cover, ABS materials, glass processing, medical material and engineering plastics etc material.


Excellent Beam Quality UV Laser


enclosed uv laser

Branded ultraviolet laser source, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high stability and durability, long laser life, superior ultraviolet laser beam brings customer a amazing marking result, suitable for metal or non-metallic material,and a wide range of applications.


Optimization Designing Galvanometer


enclosed uv laser

High speed galvanometer adopts high-performance scanning motor with international advanced photoelectric sensing technology,its drives with advanced detection ability of position and speed, greatly improved the dynamic response performance and scanning speed.The whole galvanometer system adopted the optimization designing of electromagnetic compatibility, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.


Lifting and Enclosed Design


enclosed uv laser

Lifting sealing structure to avoid dust and body damage caused by mistakes,keep more safety.


A large of material application


enclosed uv laser

A variety of marking content, you can mark text, data, batch number, serial number, two-dimensional code, bar code, pattern and time,and size and depth can be adjusted,suitable for medical material,FPC flexible circuit board micro-hole drilling, cutting biomedical glass engraving, touch screen ITO etching, glass, TFT, LCD screen, thin ceramics, monocrystalline silicon wafers, IC grains, polymer films, etc.


Enclosed UV Laser Maker Parameter:


Laser Type

UV laser



Laser wavelength


Marking area


Engraving depth


Marking speed


Min line width


Min character


Repeat accuracy


Cooling method