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Handheld FiberLaser Marking Machine

Laser Type: Fiber



Marking area: ≤220mm*220mmn

Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s

Mini. Marking line width ≤0.05mm

Mini. character size ≤0.15mm


Products Description


handheld fiberlaser structure

OT-HF Hand-held fiber marking machine is designed to solve the issue of laser marking on large parts.With compact size and convenient design,which can be hand-held for operation, and marking large mechanical parts in any direction.


This Hand-held fiber marking machine adopts pulsed fiber laser, it can output a peak power of up to 25kW,and high beam quality M2<1.5 when the pulse width less than 30ns.Due to all-fiber structure design,ensures the high reliability of the laser without any optical components for collimation adjustment.Its processing speed is 2 to 3 times that of the traditional laser marking machine, with excellent beam quality, small spot,fine marking line width providing a ideal solutions for various industrial applications.


With integrated modular design,maintenance-free,compact size, air cooling without a huge water cooling system,hand-held fiber marking machine also can work normally under certain harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust.


You will get low cost operation, energy saving, and the power of the whole machine is only 500W. Compared with lamp-pumped and semiconductor laser marking machines, it can save much more in electricity bills every year.




  • Fiber Laser: brand fiber laser with lifespan up to 100,000 hours.
  • Field mirror and galvanometer: the core component adopts imported motor, with high precision repeat ability and high accuracy, fast speed and fine marking.
  • Light path part: the focal length adjustable, and simple operation.
  • Portable: Integrated compact size,easy to carry and use,marking more convenient and flexible.
  • Lifting workbench: Convenient for fixing different work-piece, durable all-aluminum plate.
  • Marking software: User-friendly and easy to operate software interface.
  • No consumables needed, low cost operation.


Handheld design


portable handheld fiberlaser


The focal length can be conveniently and fast adjusted to ensure the marking accuracy,the indicator light and the laser are coaxial to facilitate positioning and simulated marking. The integrated sealing structure can prevent dust more accuracy. It can be portable for large format marking.


Fiber Laser


portable handheld fiberlaser


The laser is like the human heart and the engine of a car, and its quality directly related to the stability and life of the machine. Our lasers have always used brand lasers like Raycus,Max and IPG etc, which can work at full load for 24 hours, and the lifespan up to 100,000 hours.


High-speed galvanometer


portable handheld fiberlaser


Use high-speed digital galvanometer, fine spot, beautiful marking, reduce photoelectric refraction loss and fast speed,greatly improve woke efficiency.


Field lens


portable handheld fiberlaser


Good focus spot, even, high light transmittance, strong laser resistance, fine marking.


Lifting shaft


portable handheld fiberlaser


Built-in smooth rollers, lifting up and down, more flexible adjustment, suitable for marking requirement of various sizes of work-pieces.


Smart control card


portable handheld fiberlaser


Support Windows XP/Win7 32-bit operating system, using imported chips, stable, high-speed and accurate; aluminum shell, optional rotary marking, high precision and good compatibility.




portable handheld fiberlaser


High-precision alumina positioning plate, standard positioning holes to meet the positioning requirements of different object.


Wide Application


portable handheld fiberlaser


Automobile and motorcycle parts, instrumentation, aerospace, military products, hardware machinery, sanitary ware, medicine, food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical packaging, medical equipment, solar energy, handicrafts,It is suitable for marking all kinds of metals and some non-metals.


Technical parameter:


Laser type

Fiber laser

Output Power


Beam quality


Laser wavelength


Laser plus




Marking speed




Cooling method