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MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser Type: Fiber



Marking area: ≤300mm*300mmn

Marking speed: ≤8000mm/s

Mini. Marking line width ≤0.01mm

Mini. character size ≤0.2mm


Products Description

Mopa laser marking machine can mark colors on different types of metal materials. It has more precise marking,adjustable pulse size, higher repetition frequency characteristics. Mopa laser marking machine is also fiber laser marking machine, and the wavelength is 1064nm.It can be applied to all kinds of metal materials marked with black and the color of various plastics.

1, Excellent beam quality: small focusing spot and better marking quality.

2, The pulse width can be adjusted from 8 to 200 ns, and the working frequency can be adjusted to 500 kHz.

3, Constant peak power output, higher marking efficiency.

4, Low failure rate, 100,000 hours long life.

5, Large frequency range, fine marking for any material.

6, More precise (the flexible adjustment of pulse width, frequency and repetition frequency, single pulse energy is easy to control, and the edge more smooth and not rough)

OTLASER Mopa laser marking machine use pulse width-adjustable fiber laser and high-speed scanning galvanometer system, low cost,100,000 hours of maintenance-free, which is suitable for alumina black, 304 stainless steel, black plastic and white plastic. The pattern marked by the laser is environmentally friendly and meet ROHS standards.