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Portable 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser Type: Fiber



Marking area: ≤220mm*220mmn

Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s

Mini. Marking line width ≤0.05mm

Mini. character size ≤0.15mm


Products Description

portable 20W fiber laser

OT-PF 20W fiber laser marking machine with high efficiency, multi-function, ultra-stable, strong power.It adopts high-quality materials, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch,high-end accessories, low consumption and durable and high-quality beam,which is a good choice for affordable laser marking machine.

The amazing 20W portable laser marking machine for engraving on bare metal surfaces! It comes with a Galvo lens, workbench surface, and more, our 20W fiber laser marking equipment is ready to mark your dreams into reality. Get ready to laser your way through a variety of metals with ease. Soon, you and your laser will be beaming with possibilities!




  • Leading galvanometer: The galvanometer scanning system adopts new technology, new materials, new processes, and new working principles.
  • High-quality field lens: Improve the ability of the edge beam to enter the detector,more even.
  • Positioning plate:compact structure,lightweight, simple interface, flexible and adjustable processing direction, and control freely.
  • Lifting shaft: high-quality, high-energy.
  • Stable fiber laser, high-speed precision optical galvanometer assembly and the industry's top software system.
  • Fiber laser: The integrated structure of fiber laser without pollution, no power coupling loss, air cooling, high efficiency and long life.
  • Thickened steel plate: Good and durability of the shell is made of thickened steel plate.
  • Perfect arc: exquisite workmanship, beautiful arc, strong sense of fashion, and perfect appearance.
  • Heat dissipation design: Adopt unique heat dissipation design to effectively cool down and emit excess heat.
  • Multifunctional platform: Adopt industry professional attachment optional, multiple flexible screw holes.


Brand fiber laser source


portable 20W fiber laser

Using world-leading fiber lasers source like Raycus,Max,JPT and high quality parts, high marking accuracy, fast speed, stable performance, and 20W fiber laser source life span up to 100,000 hours.


Digital galvanometer


portable 20W fiber laser

The galvanometer scanning system is designed with new technology, new materials, new processes, and new working principles,ensure more accuracy and high speed.


High-quality field lens


portable 20W fiber laser

High-quality field lens will improve the ability of the edge beam to ensure laser energy distribution more even.


Lifting shaft


portable 20W fiber laser

The lifting shaft is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, and the height of the lens is adjusted by rotating to achieve the ideal marking focal length and result.




portable 20W fiber laser

Compact structure, strong and light weight, flexible and adjustable in processing direction, multiple screw holes for easy positioning.


A variety of Attachment


portable 20W fiber laser


A variety of auxiliary attachment option, such as: rotating attachment, moving platform, dynamic focus, the size can be customized according to the size of the work-piece, suitable for the marking of ring and round objects etc.




portable 20W fiber laser

Metal and various non-metal materials, hard alloy,  ABS, epoxy resin, ink, engineering plastics,jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring tools, clocks and glasses, electrical appliances, electronic components, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone communication parts, auto and motorcycle accessories, plastic products, medical equipment, building materials, pipes and other high-precision product labels.


Portable 20W Fiber LASER Technical parameter:


Lase type

Fiber laser

Laser wavelength




Beam quality




Min character


Marking depth


Marking area


Marking speed