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Portable Laser Marking Machine

Laser Type: Fiber



Marking area: ≤300mm*300mmn

Marking speed: ≤15000mm/s

Mini. Marking line width ≤0.05mm

Mini. character size ≤0.15mm


Products Description

Portable fiber laser marking machine is also known as hand-held fiber laser marking machine,solving the problem of laser marking large parts. The size of the whole machines are small and convenient. It can mark large mechanical parts in any direction.

1. Imported galvanometer

The galvanometer scanning system use new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new working principles;

2, High quality field mirror

Increasing the ability of the edge beam to go in the detector;

3, Positioning plate

Compact structure, balanced, lightweight, simple, flexible and adjustable processing direction, easy to control.

4, High precision lifting wheel

Adjust the workbench for easy docking.

5, Fiber laser

The integrated structure of the fiber laser is no pollution, no power coupling loss, only air cooling, high efficiency and long life.

6, Portable mobile hand

Small size, easy to carry, the whole machine does not occupy too much space;

The portable fiber laser marking machine has the maintenance-free,energy consumption advantages, which saving a lot of unnecessary troubles,time and improving work efficiency. The marking characters are clear, fine; the marked pattern is realistic, clear and easy to accept for the market,customers can process products at home or in smaller spaces.