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Raycus Laser vs IPG Laser vs Maxphotonics vs JPT

Apr 19, 2021

When you purchase a laser marking,engraving and cutting machine, you may learn about different brands laser source manufacturers,such as:IPG,Raycus,Max photonics and JPT etc.You may be confused that why the price of lasers with the same power is quite different? Which manufacturer's laser is better? What is the difference between them?


In this article,we will compare to the different laser source manufacturers,product features and market share.We hope it will be helpful to you.


Compare to Raycus Laser and IPG laser in fiber cutter


Raycus laser

Product features


  • lIndustry chain:Both company posses integration whole industry chain, and the core devices by self-developed and produced.
  •  Pump source structure:Both company are single core structure,independent chip does not affect each other, stable and reliable.
  • lModule power and quantity:Raycus is 6 piece of 1KW modules (Raycus’s largest single module can be above 3KW). IPG is 3 piece of 2KW modules (reducing manufacturing costs and size). The lower the module power, the more stable for laser source hence the low module replacement cost.
  •  Fiber configuration:Both company are 20 meters length and 100 micron diameter transmission.
  • QBH quartz crystal protection:Raycus is standard configuration,IPG not induce it.
  • Beam quality:Both company are BPP<4.
  • Laser power attenuation index:Both company are <±3% each year.
  • Laser source stability:Both company are <±3%.




Cutting ability:All can cut 25mm carbon steel, 20mm stainless steel, 20mm aluminum alloy and 16mm brass.


Note:Due to the continuous research and development of new technologies and policy adjustments for both company, there may be change.


  • Raycus Laser


Raycus Laser is established in 2007,headquartered in Wuhan,which is engaged in research, development and scale production of high-power fiber lasers and core devices.The company can produce 10W-100W pulse fiber lasers and 200W-10000W continuous fiber lasers. It can produce 30,000 pulse fiber lasers and 10,000 continuous fiber lasers of medium and high power.


Its products including:single module cw fiber lasers,Multi-module cw fiber lasers,QCW fiber lasers,high-power pulsed fiber lasers,Q-switched pulsed fiber lasers,MOPA fiber lasers,fiber delivered direct diode lasers and welding fiber lasers etc.


  • IPG


IPG Photonics is a leading high-performance  amplifiers  and  lasers manufacturer. IPG Photonics' diverse lines of low, medium and high-power lasers and amplifiers are used in materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, scientific and advanced applications.


IPG has sales offices in the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and the United Kingdom.


Raycus Laser vs JPT laser


  • JPT


JPT laser

Registered in 2006,headquartered in Shenzhen, JPT is a high-tech enterprise,which now focuses on the R&D, production, sales, and technical services of lasers,intelligent equipment and optical devices.


It is the first manufacturer of MOPA fiber lasers in China,products cover three series:laser source(MOPA fiber lasers,CW fiber lasers and DPSS lasers etc),intelligent equipment(passive component,optical inspection,laser equipment,module inspection and vision inspection) and Optical device(fiber optical components,high power fiber optical components,data center solution and boxes and accessories etc);


Raycus Laser vs Maxphotonics


  • Max photonics


Max laser

Max photonics is founded in 2004,headquartered in Shenzhen, which is unremitting exploration in device and laser technology.Its product including: a variety of power CW Fiber laser source from single and multi-module,Q-switch pulsed fiber laser,MOPA pulsed fiber laser,QCW fiber laser;Single and dual wavelength direct diode laser etc;


The fiber source is widely used for laser welding,3D printing,surface treatment,laser marking,laser cutting and laser cleaning industry application.




In general,Above each company posses its own features and advantages. IPG laser is earlier than Chinese laser source manufacturers in research and development history.However, Chinese manufacturer have made great progress of technology in recent years. In terms of items quality, the quality of low and medium-power lasers is not much different.For high-power lasers, IPG laser posses more market share. In terms of price, Chinese manufacturer is lower than IPG. In terms of market share: IPG>Raycus>Max photonics>JPT, choosing a laser engraving or cutting machine not only considers brand, but also a variety of other factors.