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Top 5 Laser Engraving Machine Sweden Suppliers

Aug 19, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you planning to start a business in Sweden but don’t know where to get a laser marking machine from? Not sure which supplier to go with? If yes, then you would be in a better position to make a selection by the end of this article.


Why to Get a Laser Engraving Machine in Sweden?


In Sweden, technology has got to the point where companies and even individuals are continuously bringing an increase in their purchasing power. They are free to invest in any type of laser cutting, engraving or marking machine as per their requirements.

Though, being new to the Swedish market, it would be a bit hard for you to choose an appropriate supplier. So, to make your decision easy, here is the list of top 5 Swedish supplier that you can consider:


1. Lindholm & Stribo Marking AB


Since their establishment in 2007, the company has made a huge difference in the Swedish engineering industry by supplying high quality laser engraving machine. Their extensive experience has led Lindholm & Stribo Marking AB to stand alone on the spot where they are today. The company prides itself for facilitating clients from across the country, with the aim to understand their requirements before suggesting or sending the equipment.


Considering the need and demand for a laser marking machine, Lindholm & Stribo serves in multiple fields/areas, including impact, needle embossing, laser marking, etching, roll marking in Lathe and many more. The best thing about their services is affordability and a range of solutions for labeling. With manual or automatic machines, it’s quite easy to label almost any material and detail you want.


2. CNCWorld.se


CNC World is proudly supplying private and industrial equipment to the Swedish as well as European market. Since their establishment, the company hasn’t left any leaf unturned to serve their clients, meaning that their range of products and extensive of services has helped them to meet clients’ expectations.


It is because of their continuous hard work, market observation, training and nurturing of the staff, friendly business relation and good communication skills that CNC World is now standing among the successful companies in Sweden. Primarily, the company stands on three pillars- incredible technical consultation, individual counseling and exchange of opinions and experience. The staff is trained to treat all customers equally and guide them to make the right choices.


3. Sign Communication Sweden AB


Being a leading supplier of laser marking machine, software, consumables and services to sign, engrave, mark and mine, Signcom has been proudly maintaining their position and quality of products and services since they were established. They have the widest range of products that enable the company to strength their market position.


Signcom is the other name of quality, service and security, which the entire organization strives to improve or at least sustain. Another thing that makes Signcom better than others is their focus on hiring employees with technical competence and problem solving abilities. The management has realized that without these two traits, no employee can work for the betterment of the organization and might end up losing their interest in what they can do. So, to make things simple yet result oriented for employees as well as clients, the company doesn’t only train their staff but also search for high quality machines and other products in order to be sure about the benefits their clients will be getting.


4. Intercut Sverige AB


Intercut Sverige AB has been working as a leading sheet metal processing machine suppliers across the world. The company facilitates both small and large workshops with the aim to helping them to improve their capacity, continuity, competence and quality of service in whatever they do. These 4 traits has actually led Intercut to prove themselves as a reliable, leading and valuable partner, not only for small businesses but also for industrial companies within the country.


Their laser engraving machine is capable of automating and streamlining the production process with the surety to increase efficiency and returns. Intercut Sverige AB strives to facilitate demanding customers with beams and sheet metal to help them strengthen their company’s security over time.




AMADA is one of the oldest companies that has been in the Swedish market since 1980s but still, they haven’t forgotten their aim i.e. to understand and work closely with customers for their betterment. The company provides different opportunities to improve their services by keeping their mechanism and functionality simple and easy to use.


Wrapping Up


A laser marking machine has become the essence of time. Not only is it required by the large organizations but small-scale businesses or even sole owners need one to do their marking, engraving, cutting and other tasks as per their clients’ requirements. So, by analyzing the above 5 laser engraving machines supplier, it would get a bit easy for you to figure out which one you should go for. But, if you want to more high end choice like laser engraving machine supplier in USA, it’s better to take some time and consult with the experts to make a better decision.