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Laser Marking & Engraving on Titanium

Sep 04, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Titanium is a popularly used metal in today's manufacturing and production industry. Not just a specific country, but worldwide manufacturing utilizes titanium as an essential production item. If we look around, we can easily explore multiple titanium products in our household and everyday use. From titanium kitchen utensils to rings, it is a common and popularly used material.


Yet, does that mean titanium is similar to other metals, especially when it comes to laser marking titanium or laser engraving titanium? Certainly not! While there are many metals, including steel, iron, aluminum, alloy, etc., titanium is one of the high-quality metals used in manufacturing top-notch and expensive products.


laser marking on Titanium


With that being said, there's no doubt that you can also use titanium in your small-scale manufacturing business or hobby-related production and designing tasks. After all, with the wide variety and modern technology of laser marking titanium and other metals, you can conveniently mark hard items like titanium. So why go for basic and simple items when you can use the same products and add artistic designs to them for a higher profit.


If you're convinced about buying a laser engraving titanium machine now, it's time you first explore everything about titanium and engraving/marking it in detail. So lets' start exploring, shall we?


Marking and Engraving Titanium


Titanium, as we know it – it's a product commonly found in almost every industry. From its usage in medical technology to the automotive industry as screws or valves, and much more, titanium is popular and widely used today. Unfortunately, this wide usage of any product often brings confusion and a lack of proper tracking for users. Hence, laser marking titanium and other items is the modern-day solution that makes it easier to mark codes, tracking numbers, and names on such items.


Usually, titanium products are marked in black color, with the help of laser engraving and marking method. However, modern technology solutions and innovations have also introduced colored laser engraving titanium. Therefore, most industries and manufacturing experts don't use the color marking method as it may not serve as an equally durable marking option compared to the black marking.


Another method to engrave titanium that is commonly used is laser annealing. While the laser engraving and marking method work by removing the titanium's anodized layer according to the desired engraving or marking design, the laser annealing method works differently.


What is a Better Option?


In any case, the best possible option among these is the laser marking titanium and laser engraving titanium. Some of the reasons why these methods/machines are most trusted by manufacturing and production businesses are because:


· It allows marking and engraving or codes and characters from even a decent height of a few millimeters.

· It offers a high-quality and lasting marking and engraving solution

· It ensures that the same marking quality is achieved when the smallest titanium products are marked/engraved.


Due to these benefits, laser engraving titanium solutions are more considered in both small-scale and large-scale businesses. Furthermore, for better usage ease and operation, the modern laser engraving and marking machines have also evolved with efficient designs that can easily focus on the marking areas.


On the other hand, the lesser-used yet equally reliable laser technology is collared laser annealing on titanium. Most businesses and professionals use this method to effectively distinguish different parts of the same aluminum product. Additionally, this method is also considered for decoration purposes on aluminum products. For example, you can use the colored laser annealing method to add rainbow colors to titanium plates or other titanium products and make them look unique and creative for usage or selling. With this coming your way, it's easier than ever to consider laser technology as a go-to marking and engraving method on titanium products. 


The Process: How is Laser Engraving Titanium Performed?


Let's come to the process of engraving titanium and its different products; the method is quite simple. This method is very straightforward and convenient according to the machine you prefer to use for laser marking titanium. With different lase technologies and machines, the usage and marking process can differ.


Hence, it's crucial to understand the usage of the machine you're investing in before making the ideal laser engraving titanium machine choice for your hobby or business.


For purchasing an ideal laser marking machine, some common facts about laser marking this shiny and silvery metal that can help achieve better results include:


· Titanium has a silvery appearance and is a corrosion-resistant product. Moreover, this metal also has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Hence, the most effective option is a 10.6 or 9.3-micron CO2 laser or a 1.06-micron fiber laser to easily achieve the margin or engraving result on titanium products. 

· The laser marking process with a machine having these marking/engraving specifications tends to heat the titanium surface.

· Once the titanium product is heated, it will cause oxidation in ambient air to form a dark and bluish mark. This is the marking result on titanium products, which will later turn completely black after drying. However, when you cut or mark titanium foil, the process may create a grey-colored edge on the product – making it differ in color. 


Titanium Products: What Are The Most Common Ones?


While it's no mystery to evaluate how common titanium is used in our manufacturing and production industry, one may need multiple options to mark/engrave and sell. First, of course, you can't add creative designs on titanium kitchen utensils and keep selling them for bigger profits in the future. Second, you cannot continue engraving medical machines with codes and characters without growing your engraving and laser marking titanium skills and products, right? 


Hence, to help you grow your work and make the most use of the laser engraving titanium technology, here are a few easy to engrave and mark products you can use:


· Titanium rings (or other jewelry items)

· Tennis rackets

· Goalie masks

· Scissors (medical, hairdresser, or tool-related)

· Bicycle frames

· Surgical tools

· Mobile phones, etc. 




Since titanium is a highly strong metal, just like steel, it is equally durable and reliable for usage with laser technology. Besides, the stronger the item, the better it can take laser force and offer high-quality engraving results. Yet, if you're still considering why titanium, then it's also worth mentioning that titanium is equally strong as steel, but it weighs half than the steel products.

We're sure you can now think of many other creative ideas for using this lightweight product during laser marking titanium – which can be user-friendly for your customers too! Go get creative now!