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Fiber & CO2 Trophy & Awards Laser Engraving Machines Price

Aug 12, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Do you remember the first time you won an award for the best performance in a sports fest in grade 4? Or was it the curricular exams of grade 6 when you aced the 3rd position trophy? Whatever time in life you have enjoyed the achievement of winning an award, it may have satisfied you the most. And why not? Whether it's your first time or your twentieth time winning an award, being able to win a trophy with a unique design and your name engraved on it is always a special feeling no one can let go or forget.


Yet, have you ever thought about how much time, effort, and advanced technology is utilized to create that perfect moment of having a memorable trophy of our name? While the modern era may have made most of the technological and manufacturing tasks easier with evolved technologies, achieving a fine finishing with sharply engraved designs and your name on an award is still a huge achievement that can't be ignored.


 Especially when it's your school time, your teachers and principal pay special attention to making a finely engraved trophy that is unforgettable for the person. But how can you appreciate the process without having the know-how of it at all? Are you curious to know more about the trophy and awards laser engraving machine then? Then, let's go and explore it more in detail!


laser engraving trophy



Why Do You Need a Trophy Laser Engraver?


When it comes to creating customized and engraved trophies and awards, this isn't a new concept introduced a few years ago. Before the laser engraving technology was introduced, even then, the awards and trophies were lasers engraved as a cherishing prop for the winners and achievers in different contexts and aspects of life. However, the earlier traditional engraving methods were more focused on being time taking, energy-consuming, and harmful in many ways. Besides, these traditional tools didn't even ensure the protection of the award material during the engraving process.


Yet, if we jump to the modern and updated method of engraving awards like awards laser engraving machines, they are reliable and time-saving in every way. Moreover, the awards laser engraving machine ensures that personalized trophies with a custom appeal of the design, patterns, and winner name are added to the award beautifully. Not just that, but the modern-day trophy laser engraver makes engraving on awards so convenient that the winner's name and their accomplishments are also mentioned in such awards nowadays.


As a result, the use of such technology and its perfection for engraving awards makes such trophies even more special and memorable for the recipient to remember his/her accomplishment throughout his/her life. Not just that, but the impact of such uniquely engraved awards also motivates others to do more in life and conquer such trophies at least once to enjoy that 'winner' feeling forever.


Types of Awards Laser Engraving Machine


Such machines are introduced in various categories to ensure the best and most reliable performance in different materials. Besides, when it comes to using a trophy laser engraver on an award, there's a wide variety of award materials that one can engrave on. However, even with modern engraving techniques and machines, two types of engraving are used on trophies and awards for patterns, designs, and the name/detail engraving of the recipient. This mainly includes laser engraving and traditional engraving methods. While laser engraving machines are a bit costly and more high-maintenance than the traditional tools, they are considered less convenient and reliable by many who still stick to the traditional tools.


Besides, when it comes to the performance of both methods, laser engraving and the traditional engraving tools work very differently. For example, when awards laser engraving machine uses the laser technology to cut and etch messages/recipient details on an award's surface, the traditional tools or machines physically touch the surface of the trophy to add the same engraved design.  As a result, the non-contact performance of laser engraving machines ensures that the product isn't harmed in any way during the engraving process. In contrast, the traditional methods may harm the product's overall look during the engraving too.


With such a huge impact difference between engraving methods, there's certainly no doubt that choosing the different types of laser engraving machines for different types of awards and trophies is more reliable and safer for users. You can consider using these machines on awards made up of:


· Metal

· Steel

· Iron

· Glass, etc.


Depending on the type of product of the award or trophy that you choose to engrave, it's ideal that you choose the best type of trophy laser engraver in the market.


Fiber laser engraver for Trophy & Awards


20W laser engraving machine

This fiber laser engraving machine is  able to make high quality and permanent marks on trophies and awards materials such as glass, marbles, metal etc.It does not consume much power,view detail...


Product Detail

Co2 Laser engraver for Trophy & Awards


20W laser engraving machine

This Co2 laser engraving machine is  able to engrave noticeable marks on no-metal trophies. It marks at a good speed that makes sure you to meet marking  efficiency needs. It is affordable, easy to maintain,view detail...


Product Detail

UV Laser engraver for Trophy & Awards


3W laser engraving machine

This UV laser marking machine is designed to engrave crystal, glass materials used for making trophies and awards to meet high-end needs,,view detail...


Product Detail

How Much does a Laser Engraving  Machine for Trophy & Awards Cost?


The price of laser engraver is according to many factors,above we have listed three common types of laser engraving machine for trophy and awards.


In general, the price of 20W portable fiber laser marking machines is between 2,800 USD and 4,000USD, and the price of 20W desktop carbon dioxide laser engraving machines is between 2,500 USD  and 3,800 USD. The price of 3W ultraviolet laser marking machine is between 7,000USD and 9,500USD and the price of different laser source in the same laser marking machine manufacturer  is also different. For example, the price of  IPG and Raycus in fiber are quite different.


Other Benefits of a Laser Engraver for Awards


While we have discussed the major impact and benefit of laser engraving machines, it's important to explore more benefits that differ a laser engraver from the traditional engraving methods. Besides, when choosing the ideally engraved award for the faculty, staff, or children of your institution, it's important to know which is the best option, right? Considering that, here are a few benefits of a laser engraving machine for awards and trophies:


· Multiple Suitability:


As mentioned earlier, a trophy laser engraving machine works ideally on all kinds of trophy materials. So you don't have to worry about any easy damages when choosing a specific trophy for your staff or institution's children when opting for the laser engraving method to add the recipient's name on it. Ideally, this engraving machine works efficiently on metal, glass, and wood trophies.


· Better Accuracy:


The laser engraving method on trophies and awards works by removing the top layer of the trophy and engraving the message a millimeter deeper on the award. As a result, the message personalized on the award becomes more accurate, clear, and deep.


Overall, this looks more appealing and attractive, no matter what type of award material you choose. So while a delicate and classy manufactured award may look attractive on its own, the trophy laser engraver adds an appealing touch to the personalization of the overall trophy too.


· Multiple Personalization Categories:


With the awards laser engraving machine, you are not just stuck with engraving names and basic details of a person on the award. Instead, these machines allow the convenience of adding business or organization logo designs personalized on the awards. As a result, with the logo engraved in a creative and unique design, the overall award holds more value for the recipient for years.


Not just that, but the trophy laser engraver allows you to engrave photos, inlays, the lettering of any kind, and stamps too. In this way, you don't have to worry about offering simple and boring awards to the recipients – adding more value to the award in the recipient's life and as an achievement for them.


· Simple and Fast Engraving:


On different types and materials of trophies, especially the glass trophy plaques, an award laser engraving machine works more ideally in completing the whole engraving process in a simpler process and less time. This makes the trophy laser engraver more ideal as compared to the traditional engraving methods. So even when there's a large stock of trophies that need exceptional engraving, a laser engraver makes it all completed faster and accurately.




We all understand the value of awards after achieving a victory, whether in school, a business contest, or an international level contest. However, with the modern laser engraving techniques being more widely used, these trophies have become more exceptional and attractive to look at and achieve, which also adds more passion to the competitor's mind for winning these trophies.

With that being said, there's certainly no better way to appreciate someone's efforts and make each competition memorable for the winners than offering them an attractively engraved award – thanks to the modern trophy laser engraver methods.