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What is UV Laser Marking Machine

Jul 03, 2021 Upload by OTLASER

Are you curious to know what a UV laser marking machine is? Laser marking a product and adding unique and creative designs to the product is undoubtedly a great way to make any essential thing look unique and valuable. However, there can be numerous ways to use a laser marking machine and mark products. Additionally, when it comes to the laser marking options, there are different options for that too. These options can include a UV laser marker, fiber laser marking machine, etc.


However, just knowing the different types is not enough to help you choose a suitable laser marking machine and method. Instead, understanding the details of using a UV laser marking machine and making the most of it is also crucial. Hence, let’s go ahead and explore that below in more detail!


What is a UV Laser Marking Machine?


UV laser marking machine

A UV laser marker is the current popular marking option used in the market and various industries. This machine and marking method offer permanent results of marking on various items. Due to this reason, it has made a firm place in the commercial industry to mark needs in today’s world. If we look around, we can easily find numerous examples of a laser marking machine being used on various products used in our day-to-day lives. From the medicine packagings to the tablets and numerous other items are now marked using a laser machine.


Additionally, the complex safety features and other details on ID cards and credit cards are also marked using a laser marking machine. But that’s all about a primary laser marking machine. Coming to the UV laser marking machine, this is also a widely used laser marking machine most commonly used in the electronic and automotive industries today. These machines serve in marking the small and delicate components, like a circuit board or silicon wafers, while limiting the overall waste after marking these items. As a result, this makes it a relatively advanced way of marking even those products that may be easily broken or damaged with a primary laser marking machine.


Moreover, the UV laser marker is also commonly used in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetic marking needs. It is a more trusted laser marking option because this machine ensures lifetime brand protection while limiting any damages or harms caused to the product during the marking process. Hence, you can not only ensure the product's security while it’s marking but also have a permanent marking, keeping the item trademark limited to the company or business name only.


How does a UV laser marking Machine Work


UV laser marking machine or ultraviolet laser marking machine is a laser marking machine series and a newly introduced laser processing technology in the marking industry. The working of this marking machine is slightly different from a traditional laser marking machine as it adopts a cold pressing, making the fineness and the heat influence giving a great outcome than other laser technologies.


The process of a UV laser marking machine’s working involves:

· Realizing through the photochemical ablation

· Usage of the laser energy to break the bond between the atoms and molecules

· It turns the molecules smaller, making them easier to vaporize and evaporate.

· The focusing sport is smaller than other laser marking technologies in this machine, making the processing heats affecting zone smaller than others.

· As a result, this helps in performing ultra-fine and special material marking using a UV laser marking machine.




UV laser marking


While understanding how a UV laser marker works helps to make the most out of its usage, it’s also crucial to understand its various applications. In this way, like every other laser marking method and machine, it can be easier to understand where an ultraviolet laser marking machine serves well and how to make the most of its modern and reliable technology.


In this regard, some of the common UV laser marking method applications include the high-end marking of ultra-fine processing. It can include marking the surfaces of packaging bottles and boxes of:

· iPhone

· Cosmetics

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food

· Other polymer materials.

· Additionally, this machine is also reliable for the flexible marking of:

· PCB board

· Dicing

· Silicon wafer micro-hole

· Blind hole processing

· LCD liquid crystal glass

· Glassware surface

· Metal surface plating

· Plastic buttons

· Electronic items

· Communication equipment

· Building materials, etc.


Is it Worthwhile to Invest in UV Laser Marker?


When it comes to an understanding the benefits of using a UV laser marking machine instead of any other basic laser marking option, there are certainly more benefits for the user. It’s not just that advanced and convenient technology of this machine, but also various other benefits that add more to the laser marking process using this method.


Hence, before considering whether the UV laser marking method is a suitable option for you and your business or not, it’s important to look at the benefits of investing in a UV laser marker. Some such benefits include:


· Safety and Integrity:


Using a UV laser marking method means that the sensitive and critical materials that may not withstand other stronger laser marking options can easily be marked with this machine. So you don’t have to limit the usage of your products when it comes to marking them with a UV laser marker.


· No Side Effects:


It is not just a hygienic way of marking items like plastic for medical and pharmaceutical uses, but it also prevents sterility. Hence, the UV laser marker prevents any side effects or issues regarding using the marked plastic for medical and other uses.


· Clearer Marking:


While most laser marking methods may not offer permanent or clearer marking results on various products, it’s not the same with a UV laser marking method. Hence, with its 355 nm and small beam diameter, it is easier to achieve a higher contrast marking result on any material or surface, making it look more appealing and permanent.


· Safe Plastic Marking:


It is easier to achieve harmful side effects on the plastic items and the products stored in these packages when you use laser marking on them when it comes to marking plastic. Since laser produces heat and it tends to melt plastic, the effects of marking on plastic may not end just there.

While this can be a concern when marking medical and pharmaceutical plastic items, it is still possible to perform solvent and additive-free plastic marking using a UV laser marker. Thanks to the small diameter and safer performance of this marking machine, plastic can not only be safely marked but also used for future storing and medical purposes without any health or chemical reactions/threats.


· Lesser Maintenance:


Another possible benefit that can help you evaluate if you should invest in a UV laser marking machine or not is its lower maintenance specialty. It is simply possible due to the efficient air-cooling design of this machine and the longer-lasting optical components designed to last. Hence, while other mainstream laser marking methods/machines may be harder to maintain, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is maintenance-friendly.


How to Choose a UV Laser Marker?


Another crucial factor to consider before blindly investing in any UV laser marking machine is its different buying factors. While UV laser marker is already a different laser marking machine, it still has a few additional UV laser marker types. These include:


· Solid-state laser

· Excimer laser

· Metal Vapour Laser


Once you understand the different types of UV laser marking machines, it’s time to look into the crucial factors for buying the right type of UV laser marker for your needs. Such important factors include:


· Type of Material:


This refers to the type of material you want to mark using the UV laser marker. Depending on this material, you can better decide which laser machine you need to invest in for marking that material. Different types of UV laser markers work best on different types of materials.


· Budget:


You certainly can’t do anything right without having a suitable budget and keeping that budget in mind. Hence, if you don’t have a higher budget, it’s better to go for a 3w UV laser machine, as it would be enough to help you perform the basic marking tasks on various products.


· Marking Products Quantity:


Depending on your company size, it can be easier to evaluate how many units of a product or an item may need marking. Not just that, but you may also need to evaluate the marking time, as it should be faster when you are using such a sophisticated and high-quality machine. In this way, you can easily understand the demanded marking capacity you and your business will need from the UV laser marker you purchase.




That’s all to our short guide on understanding a UV laser marking machine. Now that you’re well aware of the usage and method of purchasing the right UV laser marking machine from manufacturer, it’s time to go ahead and make that purchase and help your business serve more efficiently with a modern and reliable marking method.