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10 Best Metal Dog Tag Engraving Machine With Price

May 28, 2021

Whether it is a pet dog tag, military dog tag or metal nameplate, they all carry some basic information,allowing people to quickly find identification information. For example,a military dog tag may come with name, contact information and blood type, etc in case of accidents or casualties. A pet dog tag has more personalized content,mainly used for strengthen the contact between the pet and the owner in case of the pet is lost. However, a nameplate commonly include the name of the manufacturer, production date, serial number and device parameters, etc.Therefore,What are the best metal tag machines can engrave these marks.


In this article, we list the 10 best dog tag engraving machine, they can be used not only for dog tag engraving but also for nameplate engraving on metal or thin stainless steel and aluminum products.Let's take a look.


10 Best Metal Dog Tag Engraving Machine


  • Portable DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 899 USD)


portable dot peen marking machine

There are tree models available for these device,including:


1,Machine +independent control cabinet.


2,Machine +7 inch screen computer & control cabinet.


3,Machine + 10 inch screen Panasonic computer & cabinet.


With compact structure and strong stable design,this dot peen marking machine has high precision even if used for very long time.It adopts liner square guide rail design,ensure equipment working more stable and high precision.This machine comes with an independent switch for magnet,very strong electromagnetic adsorption,therefor,it can suck the metal very tight and be suitable for large materials or immovable parts.An air pressure valve connects to the air compressor display air pressure stable at 0.3-0.8Mpa.It is compatible with Thro X6,Win7/XP system, can be used in making VIN code, full line,dot matrix,graphics, characters, numbers, classic No. etc on metal and other hardness material.



  • Marking area:80*30mm 125*30mm 140mm*40mm 160mm*40mm and 180mm*90mm optional
  • Marking depth:0.1-1mm
  • Marking speed:30-40mm/s
  • Pressure requirement:0.3-0.5 Mpa.
  • Material hardness:≤60
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Note:This machine not including air compressor.


  • Manual Dog Tag Embossing machine(About 800USD)


dog tag embossing machine

This manual embossing machine has these advantages of accurate location,light weight,fine-looking,portable,easy operation and economical price,which is widely used for small-scale business production, accurate position device for embossing,specially for the metal tags such as dog tag, military tags embossing.With build-in 52 code characters,it can print the max thickness of stainless steel tag≤0.4mm,aluminum≤0.5mm,the standard dog tag 28.6 *50.8 mm, or sheet metal: 85.5x55mm.


  • Specification:
  • Internal 52 code characters:
  • Capitalization case of English letters (26): A~Z
  • Capitalization & Lower Arabic numerals (20):0~9
  • Symbols (6): . ~ @ * + ? !
  • Weight:10Kg


  • Semi-auto Metal Embossing Machine(About 268USD)


dog tag embossing machine

This a semi-auto metal embossing machine,which has the advantages of small size, light weight,convenient operation,uniform and clear lines, diverse and complete font sizes.The marking position and line spacing are steplessly adjusted by a special mechanical mechanism.It can engrave all kinds of aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastic nameplates with various shapes smaller than 200×130mm,marking content like variable parameters,dog tag, model, date, batch number, serial number, serial number etc.



  • Depth: 0.1 – 0.3mm deep
  • Maximum label size: 200*130mm
  • Emboss characters: uppercase letters, digits, and simple symbols
  • Font size: 2 mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Embossing speed: about 2-4 characters / 10 seconds
  • Embossing content including A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T UV W X Y Z 123456789. X / –


  • Manual Embossing Machine (About 148 USD)


dog tag embossing machine

This is a simple and cheap manual embossing machine designed for limited budget group.It can print letters on the surface of the stamped metal (such as model, date, serial number, sequence) on metal parts such as signs,dog tag and flanges etc.



  • Material: Steel 12
  • Hardness: 58-60HV
  • Size: 215x150mm
  • Diameter:: 84mm
  • The hole: 14mm
  • Steel word wheel contains:
  • Uppercase letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T UV W X Y Z
  • Arabic numerals: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • Simple symbols: · × / -
  • Character height:4 mm: (letter height 4 mm, letter width 2.1 mm, letter thickness 6 mm)


  • Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine( About 2600 USD)


portable fiber laser marking machine

This is a portable fiber laser marking machine,which is very suitable for engraving a variety of marks on the metal.This machine comes with fiber laser source,it offers good quality output beam,high reliability thus fine and high accuracy marking result,the max marking deep up to 1.0mm on stainless steel and aluminum.Moreover,it is a clear and permanent mark can resist against any bad environment.With portable and compact design,it has very high rate of electrical-optical conversion resulting in saving operating cost.You can get many benefits from its high speed up to 7000mm/s and high efficiency,therefore,it can significantly improve the marking quantity in the same time,increase use's return of the investment.It can be not only used for marking metal dog tag,but also can be used for some no-metallic material,greatly improve its application and add your gain.



  • Laser Output:20W(30W, 50W, 60W optional)
  • Marking Area:110*110mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm(optional)
  • Engraving Speed:9000mm/S
  • Operating Voltage:110-240V
  • Graphic Format Supported:Ai, BMP, Dst, Dwg, Dxf, Dxp
  • Marking Depth:0.1-2mm
  • Laser wavelength:1060-1070 nm
  • Pulse Repetition:20-80 kHz


  • Portable Fiber Metal Laser Marking Machine(About 1800 USD)


portable fiber laser marking machine

This hand held laser engraver comes with a fiber laser source,which adopts non-contact processing without damage the work-piece, no tool wear, engraving good quality. It is easy to operate and supports Win 98/ Win 2000 / Win XP/ Win 7.This machine is equipped with high precision filed lens and precision galvanometer,The standard engraving area is 110*110mm while the engraving area can be customized.The high speed measures 7000mm/s. air cooling offered. You can engrave stainless steel, iron, aluminum of dog tag and other non-metallic materials.



  • Laser Power:20W(30W/50W optional)
  • Laser Wavelength:1060nm
  • Beam Quality:<2(M2)
  • Marking Depth:10w 0.3mm or less 20w 0.5mm or less 30w 0.7mm
  • Marking Speed :7000 mm/s or less
  • Marking Range:Standard plane 110mm*110mm can be customized
  • Minimum of characters:0.15mm
  • Minimum line width:0.012mm
  • Repeat precision:±0.002
  • Cooling System:Air Cooling
  • Operating system:Win 98/ Win 2000 / Win XP/ Win 7


  • Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine(About 2800 USD)


desktop fiber laser marking machine

This desktop metal laser maker comes with an integrated design,which can be used for nameplate,dog tag marking etc.It is a easy operation machine that uses one key to control the power on and power off.This machine equipped with RAYCUS laser source,microfiber beam 0.001mm,head high speed galvanometer scan uses SCANLAB technology to make the marking speed up to 7000mm/s.A good quality OPEX lens is beneficial for detecting the distribution of photosensitive, increasing the ability of edge beam.The working table is made of precision alloy,flexibility mesa posses multiple screw holes,is easy to custom installation.



  • Wavelength:1064nm
  • Fiber Laser Source:Raycus,IPG(optional)
  • Laser Power:20W, Optional:(30W,50W)
  • Marking Area:110*110mm,150*150mm,175*175mm
  • Marking Line Width:0.03mm
  • Marking speed:≤ 7000mm/s
  • Positioning Mode:Double Red Light
  • Power Supply:AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Total Consumption:≤ 800W
  • Cooling System:Air-cooled
  • Weight:120Kg


  • MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine(About 5200 USD)


MOPA fiber laser marking machine

Unlike traditional Q-switch fiber laser marking,this is a MOPA laser marking machine.The best benefits of machine is that it can provide aluminum oxide black and stainless steel color marking,With MOPA technology design,it offers a wide range of frequency and plus duration adjustable,greatly improve machine fine marking result and application.


A double red light guiding focusing system and a lifter with a range of 500mm~800mm can be adjusted according to the thickness of different products,making the operation convenient and accurate.


This machine adopts advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer,quick speed without deviation,small volume and good stability resulting in high speed marking,therefore,no matter Whether you are marking personalized small pet dog tag or batch large-scale work-pieces, it can easily complete it and increase your income.


  • Power:20W(30W optional)
  • Wavelength:1064nm
  • Output Frequency:20KHz-100KHz
  • Focus Spot Diameter:<0.01mm
  • Engraving Range ≤400*400mm(customized)
  • Engraving Depth 1.2mm adjustable
  • Minimum Line Width:0.012mm
  • Minimum Character:0.1mm
  • Repeated Accuracy:±0.003mm
  • Power Requirement:220V/50Hz/<400W


  • Portable DOT Peen Marking Machine(About 900 USD)


portable dot peen marking machine

This mini dot peen marker can print steel, stainless steel, copper brass, gold, silver etc on metal and hard plastics.With compact and ergonomic hand held design,allowing customer to mark part location, especially for very large and heavy objects.The device is controlled through a PC,but it is very easy to operation,allowing us to use the machine without in-depth training.It can work even if in the moisture, dampness and rust environment.



  • Marking depth:0.01~0.5mm
  • Marking area(mm):50x25mm or customziable
  • Materials request:below HRC60 metallic and nonmetallic materials
  • Marking contents:Characters, alphanumeric, date, numbers, serial No, VIN code etc.
  • Work power:AC100V~240V50Hz/60HZ
  • Air pressure:0.3-0.6MPa
  • Dimension:440x400x540mm
  • Gross weight:25kg


  • Enclosed Laser Marking Machine(About 2500 USD)


enclosed laser marking machine

This mini laser maker comes with enclosed structure,which is suitable for metal material,stainless steel,aluminum,iron dog tag and hardware tool etc.With the enclosed design,It can max protect body health from inhaling these fume produced during operation.


This machine adopts fiber laser source,maintenance-free,high efficiency and no consumable resulting in reducing operation cost.A laser protective glass design is beneficial for protecting our eye,and Ronar smith F-theta lens from F100 to F254 available.The whole machine size is only 760*450*740mm.Therefore,you can be easy to move it according your need.



  • Laser Power:20W(30W 50W 70W optional)
  • Laser Wavelength:1064nm
  • Laser Field:100mm*100mm
  • Laser Marking Speed:7000mm/s
  • Minimum Line Width:0.01mm
  • Minimum Character:0.1mm
  • Repeat Accuracy:0.01mm
  • Optical Quality:M2<1.4
  • Cooling Mode: Air cooling
  • Input Power:AC 220V±22V 50Hz/60Hz 10A
  • Gross weight:50KG